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Global skincare tips

  Skincare has been a major topic among the women from the ancient times and each country has their own beauty secrets. It’s time to sneak into these skincare secrets from all around the world. Go through the following tips which were contributed by women across the globe who want radiant and beautiful skin. 1. Cold water treatment – Germany The famous Kneipp treatment is nothing more than letting cold

Cool facts about skin

  Skin is one of the most important body parts in the human body, both fashion-wise as well as health-wise. So if there’s nothing better to do now, why not read some cool facts about your skin? 1. It’s surprisingly heavy Did you know that your skin contribute to 15% of your total weight? Since skin can be stretched, it doesn’t gain or lose weight when someone is gaining or

Soothing a sunburn – effective remedies

Sunburns can be painful and nothing feels comfortable than soothing a sunburn. There is no need to go through sun protection processes every time you go out but it’s not very wise to go out in the sun without a sunscreen. Listed below are effective remedies that can be used when soothing sunburn.   1. Cool water First things first and nothing can beat the power of cool water when

Tips to apply foundation flawlessly

Applying foundation is not only about dabbing it on your face. It’s all about creativity and patience. It doesn’t need a lot of time to learn to apply foundation without any flaw, all you need is some useful tips, like the ones below.   1. Prepare your skin Applying moisturizer before applying foundation is a wise step. However, never apply foundation right on top of the moisturizer because it will

4 Amazing beauty tips for dry skin

1. Moisturizing is the key The main reason behind dry skin is the lack of water in your skin which could be overcome by the regular use of a moisturizer. Make sure to apply moisturizer before makeup and before going to bed as well. And this is not only for the face but to any body part that shows dryness. 2. Skin-friendly products In the modern world, beauty products are

Take care of your skin- Eat more fruits

It is a well known fact that a balanced diet is the best method to have a healthy body but is that all? The key to a beautiful skin is none other than fruits and vegetables. A majority of fruits can do magic to treat wrinkles, decreased elasticity, discoloration and rough skin apart from lifting you from inside. Although genetics is the main cause for these beauty concerns, environmental damage