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Simple ways to prevent nail infections

Getting manicures and pedicures can be cool but nail infections can ruin the fun in a matter of seconds. It is very important to keep your nails clean in order to stay clear of the nail fungus that feed from bacteria and cause trouble. Listed below are easy tips you can use to prevent nail infections and you will need them for your next manicure.   1. Maintain dry nails

Natural nail strengthening tips

Nails can be stubborn at times, refusing to stay healthy and strong. There are various reasons behind weak and brittle nails and if you can find it out, upholding your nails strong is going to be a lot easier. Listed below are natural nail strengthening tips which are remedies for common nail blips. Try them out and don’t forget to share your experiences.   1. Sea salt Unbelievably, sea salt

Short nail art designs in trend

There are numerous girls out there who simply love to keep their nails short. However sometimes, you may have faced restrictions when trying out a beautiful mail art design which might require longer nails. Never to worry again, listed below are short nail art designs that are bound to keep your nails trendy and gorgeous.   1. Polka Dots Polka dots is a great way to add a touch of

Health problems nails reveal

Did you know that your nails can reveal the health problems of your body? Nails can be very useful at certain times because they can give you a clue about something you might want to check out. You just need to pay attention to your nails and their characteristics which may tell you about the health problems you have. Listed below are some of the common health problems nails reveal.

Cool red manicures

There’s no doubt about the fact that red manicures dominate the nail color world and they are the perfect way to show off your femininity in many different ways. Red stands for a wide range of meanings and expressions out of which, stimulating, lively and strength capture major attention. You don’t need to spend heaps on nail artists just browse through some DIY nail arts which will be impossible to

Cute nail color combinations

Nail colors is one of the hot topics of any girl conversation and if you’re a teen or in your 20’s, solid nail colors can be a little too tame for your tastes. So why not shake it up a bit and try out color combinations? From girls’ night out to shopping spree, there is nail color combinations for any event. However, no matter how vast the color ranges are,