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Kapil Sharma’s Top 5 Victims Of His Tantrums

Kapil Sharma is a household name nowdays because of his popular comedy show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. He has gained much popularity and respect from the people for his achievements. But as it is said ‘Success goes into the head’, somewhat matches with the behaviour of Kapil these days. Have a look at

Ajaz Khan: Kapil Sharma Is Fake

Ajaz Khan getting into an heated argument with comedy king Kapil Sharma has already made quite some headlines. Recently when media quizzed Ajaz on his conflict with Kapil he fumed a lot. To know what Ajaz spoke to the media, take a look at this interesting video.

Why Was Kapil Sharma ANGRY?

Comedy Nights with Kapil’s host Kapil Sharma who recently got into a fight with Ajaz Khan was spotted reacting very clamly during the moment of fight but later took out his frustation on social media. To know what Kapil did, check out this interesting video.