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Style with ribbons – hairstyle tips

  Ribbons have been a major style tool back in the golden days and the trend is back. Fancy hairstyles with ribbons involved is a great way to style your hair and listed below are some cool tips that will help you with that. 1. Top knot The simplest way to add a bit of glam to your everyday top knot is to wrap a thin ribbon around your knot.

Foods that prevent hair loss

The list of foods that prevent hair loss is endless and all of them are easy to find too. Listed below are some of the foods that prevent hair loss that will give you full and gorgeous hair.   1. Spinach Spinach is obviously an amazing health food and it has been able to top up the foods that prevent hair loss with its nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will

13 Beautiful and simple hair accessory tips – 1

Listed below are 13 beautiful, quick and simple hair accessory tips that you can try out easily without spending heaps of money on expensive designers and elegant items. To work or to play, you can use the tips to go for a good hair day that can also take you up the ladder of style.   1. Bobby pins You may wonder how bobby pins can add beauty to your

Fabulous hairstyles to keep hair from face

No matter what season it is, hair can be a bit annoying, especially when it falls onto your face to hide or even worse, to smear your delicate makeup. It can be tricky to look good with hairstyles to keep hair from face, but it is amazingly possible. Listed below are several hairstyles to keep hair from face and I know how much you will love them.   1. Messy

Supercool summer pastel hair colors to try this season

Summer is the season of fun and relaxation and there’s no other better way to embrace summer other than dying your hair awesome summer pastel hair colors. If you are one of those adventurous girls out there, who’s waiting for an opportunity to try out a new hair color, check out the following summer pastel hair colors.   1. Pink Pastel pink is one of the most popular hair colors

Natural Oily hair tips

If you have an oily hair or if your hair gets greasy 2 days after washing your hair, these natural oily hair tips are for you. Oily hair can be annoying, especially when they become heavy and flat instead of being light and clean. The following tips are natural, effective and reliable which can lead you to a hair that you have been dreaming of.   1. Acidic rinse Mild

Hair tips for a healthy hair

If you have been looking for ways to revamp your brittle, dry hair and make everybody else turn around at your gorgeous hair, this one is for you. Listed below are some useful hair tips that will keep your hair healthy and glowing.   Don’t forget monthly trims Split ends might not be visible to you but they can initialize the whole unhealthy process. So it is always safe to

Beautiful summer bridal hairstyles

Picking out the best bridal hairstyle can be tricky and when it comes to summer weddings, it can become even more complex. However, there are several key factors to consider when coping with summer bridal hairstyles. They are simplicity, trouble-free and comfort and listed below are several beautiful summer bridal hairstyles that you can choose from.   High bun High bun is an ideal hairstyle for a summer wedding since

Types of hair brushes

Although almost invisible, hair brushes have been assigned a major role in the world of fashion and beauty. A single hair brush can contribute to an amazing hairstyle or even the opposite. Because of this, many types of hair brushes have been introduced to the world, which serve various purposes. Regular brushing can stimulate the cells in the scalp and will make your hair look shinier and less frizzy. However,

How to make long hair look shorter

If you have an elegant long hair, you must have already felt the need to cut it short just because you are bored with it. You always take back the idea when you think about the time and effort you put forth to take care of your precious hair. However, you need not cut down your valuable hair to make it look shorter, there are tons of tips and tricks