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Tricky designer names

A majority of fashionistas adore famous designers and unfortunately, their names are a bit hard to say out loud. How are you supposed to talk and lust after such amazing pieces if you don’t have the slightest idea how to pronounce them correctly! If you want to be able to stretch your fashion knowledge and sound like a pro, keep reading and learn how to pronounce famous tricky designer names.

Watch tips for men

Never ignore it Everybody understands perfectly that the phone in your pocket can tell the time. It’s cool and all, but it is better still if you could strap on a watch. Watch is one of the significant man jewelries that you can fully get behind. Not only does it complete an outfit it also tells the world who you are or, at least, who you aim to be. So

Kids spring fashion tips

Make the most of your child’s wardrobe this spring and keep them looking adorably stylish. Here are some handy and no-cost kids spring fashion tips from the Director of Apparel at The Children’s Place,A.K. LaMonica. Back to Basics– Try different kinds if layering tees which will not cost you a fortune like many other fashionable clothes for kids. You can accompany them with casual jeans, skirt or over a long

5 Easy fashion tips for short girls to appear tall

Being short is not a bad thing but every short girl dreams of being a couple of inches taller than their current height. You don’t have to feel bad about it because there are many tips for short girls to appear tall. The key is to enhance your looks and try different clothing styles to feel better. I myself is a petite girl and here are a few tips for

Trending tattoos – special symbols

Tattoos have become the latest trend in the fashion world and now it is not limited to celebrities or metal lovers. Sometimes there can be long stories behind the tattoos and they are more personal than anything else. Listed below are a few trending tattoos that are associated with special symbols, hope you would like it.   Moon The moon is the most popular symbol that is used as a

How to select skirts to suit body shape

Tired of wearing the same old pair of pants every day? Want to try out the trending skirts in the market? Skirt is the ultimate feminine garment that can easily draw men’s attraction. Find out about the skirts to suit body shape and you’ll never give up on skirts again.   Short figure Unless you have shapely legs to show off, you should be careful about the length of your

Trending skirts

Skirts are the ultimate woman’s choice and in the modern world, there are numerous types of skirts available in the market. They are showing signs of a comeback in the latest fashion world as celebrities have chosen skirts to show off their femininity in the media through skirts. And it is always good to know the trending skirts in order to prevent being left out of the style. Knowing trending

Fashion tips for men by Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is a huge successor in the fashion industry that is known by even toddlers in the modern world. Their latest fashion tips for men is ruling the fashion news world these days so let’s take a look at what they have to tell to men out there. First things first, gentlemen, so try everything out before you actually buy them. Note the cuts and proportions of items

Valentine’s Day fashion tips to a sexy you

With the Valentine’s Day at hand, here are some important Valentine’s Day fashion tips for any woman who wants to look sexy for her man. He may be already attracted to you but there’s nothing wrong in intensifying his desires, is there? No matter what people say about true love not affected by looks, men do respond to women that worry over her looks. You don’t need to be flawlessly

Office wear tips for men

Office wear is one of the most common aspects of a man’s lifestyle. To stand out as a man to watch, you need to know each and every tip from matching your shirt to tying the right knot. So let’s take a look at a couple of office wear tips that are generally practiced.   Face shape If your face is narrow and pointy, the best choice of collars for