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5 Tips to consider when picking the perfect bag

The handbag can play a major role in your look, a perfect one will flatter your figure and outfit while the opposite can result in – well the opposite. Therefore picking the perfect bag is an important aspect to consider which can be overcome by the following tips.   1. Size The size of the bag you choose to wear has to be determined according to the place and event

Handbag tips you must follow

A handbag is one of the must have accessories of all women which is sometimes considered as the ultimate feminine accomplice of all time. Handbags can be a wonderful statement for the outfit while serving as a very good stuff-holder. This is why handbag tips are important for every woman and the next time you are going through handbags to buy or the handbags in your wardrobe; keep the following

Picking out the perfect pants

Throughout the time, pants—in tweed menswear styles or sleek leather cuts—have been able to endure as an undying fashion statement. Pants are one of the major components of everyday fashion but they are the most difficult to pick out the perfect as well. Since they’re both on-trend and wearable in all aspects of daily style, finding the perfect pair of pants has become important. After a thorough researched, I have

Tribal trend spring fashion tips

Spring is the season of fun and refreshment which is why it is clever to rock the tribal trend in this season. It’s not that difficult, you just need to have sense in colors and mix’n match. Apart from it, many people love to embrace the exotic and unique feeling it gives which is why tribal has been able to hit the trend. So why not try it out yourself?

Fashionable gift ideas for her

When it comes to gifts for her, it need not be Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or Christmas. You can easily win her heart by showing up with a surprise gift. And when it comes to women, the range of gifts you can get for her is endless. If you are either amused by the gifting idea or lost in the many choices of gifts, let me help you out. Listed

Must have bras in your everyday wardrobe

Bras play a major role in every woman’s day and it is very important to know the must have bras. Since there are various types of bras available in the market, a majority of women tend to choose the wrong bra thus causing an uncomfortable look as well as feel. Although the main objective of every bra is the same, they can be designed to fulfill various needs. So here’s

Simple fashion tips for short girls

We discussed about the tall girls and now it’s time to focus on simple fashion tips for short girls. With the following fashion tricks you will never have to worry about the height of your body. Go for bold colors When picking out items for your outfit, make sure to select them from one color. From top to your shoes, from hair clips to your stockings, go for a single

Simple fashion tips for tall girls

If you are one of those ladies who can easily stand out from others just because you are tall, this one is for you. Most of you must be struggling to find the perfect dress or the outfit that will look good on you because sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with the challenging height. It’s time to stop mourning because I’ve got what exactly you have been looking

Modern fashion trends from 70s

As the saying goes, history repeats itself and this applies to fashion too. Unless you are a very young fashionista, you must have seen particular upcoming trends that were in reign a couple of years ago. It is not only about a few years back but even a handful of decades back and these days, the 70s fashion trends are in power again. So here are a list of fashion