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Cool uses of Coca-Cola

  You may have already come across with the extra-ordinary uses of Coca-Cola and everybody is curious to know more. Here are some shocking uses of Coca-Cola that might come in handy one day. 1. Window cleaner If you are in a hurry to clean out the windows and you are likely to run out of Windex, don’t worry. Just take out the Coca-Cola sitting in the fridge and it

Bathroom organizing tips

  Maintaining a picture perfect bathroom is almost impossible but you can make it work with a little help from bathroom organizing tips. Listed below are useful bathroom tips that will help you to have a nice bathroom. 1. Use hooks The best way to prevent towels and bathrobes from piling up on the floor is to install hooks that can hold such material. You can use hooks to organize

Handy ways to use q-tips

Q-tips or cotton buds are not something you give your full attention to, but they come pretty handy when you need to clean out your ears. Apart from that, there are various ways they help to ease our hectic lives, such as the ones listed below. 1. Loosen a zip If you’re tugging on a stuck zip, you are more likely to break it than fix it. This is where

DIY orange lip scrub

A lip scrub can do miracles to lips and make them healthy and perfect. No matter what the commercials say, commercial lip scrubs cannot be 100% trusted. It is why making your own lip scrubs can be safe as well as economical. Given below is a recipe for an easy-to-make orange lip scrub that can enhance the health of your lips. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons coconut oil 5