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Best lipstick brands to try on Valentine’s Day

Are you planning to delight your guy on this upcoming Valentine’s Day? It’s not a secret anymore; lipstick is the trickiest makeup concern of the day. Try out the following lipstick brands and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience of your life. Single? No worries, you also can use the following brands to try your luck.   Lime Crime The best kiss-proof lipstick is made by Lime Crime

Cute nail color combinations

Nail colors is one of the hot topics of any girl conversation and if you’re a teen or in your 20’s, solid nail colors can be a little too tame for your tastes. So why not shake it up a bit and try out color combinations? From girls’ night out to shopping spree, there is nail color combinations for any event. However, no matter how vast the color ranges are,

Maintain your natural beauty-drink more water

Did you know that the water level in your body can affect your natural beauty? You’d be surprised to know how the high intake of water can increase your inner glow not to mention how high it will place you in the health meter. How exactly can water affect you beauty? Let’s take a look. Ph Balance You must have already come across this pH range which determines the acidity

Natural beauty tips for working women

Are you a workaholic? The following article is all about you. A majority of women in our modern world falls under this category and it’s a common fact that they are always busy. No matter how hectic your life is, you should assign a specified time period to take care of your looks. It’s true, you’re dragging your life along with stress, hormonal changes and quick meals but did you

Dark lipstick or not?

This is a very common aspect every girl questions herself. True, it does take some guts to wear dark lipstick but it’s always worth it. No matter how comfy you will feel with lighter shades of lips, a darker lip will always make you feel as on top of the world. You can easily match dark lip color with any type of clothing and it’s in the trend all through

Take care of your skin- Eat more fruits

It is a well known fact that a balanced diet is the best method to have a healthy body but is that all? The key to a beautiful skin is none other than fruits and vegetables. A majority of fruits can do magic to treat wrinkles, decreased elasticity, discoloration and rough skin apart from lifting you from inside. Although genetics is the main cause for these beauty concerns, environmental damage

The top 5 must-have shoes of every girl

Shoes make a woman and it’s not a secret anymore, every girl dreams of nothing more than a life full of shoes! As a girl myself, I believe that you cannot have too many shoes and the following shoes must rank as the essentials in your shoe list. 1. Ballet flats If you love your feet, you will definitely know that ballet flats are the type of shoes that can

Simple beauty tips to try at home

In our world, loads and loads of common hair and skin woes are there that can easily show up and completely ruin the day. Sometimes panic can lead you to make wrong decisions and you might have some bad experiences of using wrong products on your treasured skin. At times like this, simple beauty tips can be a life saver. Listed below are 5 simple beauty tips that you can

5 Easy hairstyles for long hair

Are you one of the so-called mermaids with beautiful long hair? Or are you a frustrated girl that tries to cope up with your long hair? No matter how complicated it may seem, the secret behind elegant long hair is the styles used to put it up. Try out the following styles and you will definitely fall in love with your hair. 1. Simple braided hair Simple braid is very

Health And Beauty Tips

This video, I tell personal beauty tips about how to keep skin looking nice and about Teeth fillers… I mention the benefits to Clinique facial foundation sun lotion The modern Girls Guide To Life.- Jane bucking ham