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Handy ways to use q-tips

Q-tips or cotton buds are not something you give your full attention to, but they come pretty handy when you need to clean out your ears. Apart from that, there are various ways they help to ease our hectic lives, such as the ones listed below. 1. Loosen a zip If you’re tugging on a stuck zip, you are more likely to break it than fix it. This is where

DIY orange lip scrub

A lip scrub can do miracles to lips and make them healthy and perfect. No matter what the commercials say, commercial lip scrubs cannot be 100% trusted. It is why making your own lip scrubs can be safe as well as economical. Given below is a recipe for an easy-to-make orange lip scrub that can enhance the health of your lips. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons coconut oil 5

Natural remedies for razor burns

If you are in need of effective remedies for razor burns, nothing is better than the natural healers. Listed below are safe, effective and reliable natural remedies for razor burns you have to try.   1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is obviously the best and the most popular natural remedy for burns and this can treat your razor burn too. Aloe Vera is an amazing remedy that can reduce swelling,

Makeup spice up tips

Makeup spice up tips are important for every type of woman, no matter if she’s a workaholic, a free spirit or anybody else. Sometimes you might have got stuck in the same old makeup routine and have you ever thought of spicing up your looks and feel better? If not, this might be your chance. Take a look at the following makeup spice up tips that will guarantee to boost

Tips for applying blush

Applying blush is a key part of a makeup because it is what brings the entire look together. The basic objective of applying blush is to give a rosy touch to the cheeks and the most important to keep in mind is that it must look natural. Apart from it, there are certain other tips such as the ones listed below, that will accompany applying blush.   1. Good lighting

Beauty uses of sesame oil

You may have already heard about the wonders sesame oil does in the field of beauty and health and if not, it’s time to go through some. Keep on reading to know more about this amazing oil and its benefits.   1. Anti-aging treatment Sesame oil has its origin in the Middle East and you may have already observed the natural radiant glow of the ladies from there. Sesame oil

Amazing coconut oil beauty uses for natural product lovers

1. Makeup removal One of the most commonly practiced coconut oil beauty uses is for the removing of makeup especially eyeliner and mascara. Since its natural, you don’t need to worry about toxicity. For better results, try applying oil to a cotton pad and cleansing your face with it. 2. Body lotion Serving as an effective and safe body lotion comes next in line after makeup removal and this is

How to treat cracked heels from home

Cracked heels can be embarrassing and risky which is why they should be avoided. In case you are one of those who are trying to deal with cracked heels, check out the following methods to treat cracked heels from home. Soak your feet in lemon juice Lemon is regarded as a natural exfoliant which can be used to shake off unwanted flecks of debris and dry skins from your feet.

How to treat cracked lips

In the earlier post, we discussed how chapped or dry lips can be prevented and now it’s time to take a look at the treatments for such conditions. There can be various reasons for chapped lips and they can be very uncomfortable. The following home remedies can be used to treat cracked lips and they are natural, efficient and reliable methods.   1. Drink more fluids Try to drink 8

Prevent cracked lips

Cracked lips can be very painful and if your lips tend to crack more often, you might want to discover the causes of it. Listed below are common reasons that could be used to prevent cracked lips.   1. Check out your environment If you are living is a dry climate or a windy area, lips and skin can be damaged due to dryness. Always keep your body well hydrated