Are Smartphones Killing The Camera Companies?

We live in the smartphone era, where most of the daily things are done on smartphone. Weather its surfing the internet or to capture the best moments of our life. Today our smartphones are our daily partner, without which we can’t get survive in this techie world. Now as smartphones are getting improved features day by day it is affecting camera industries in recent time. If we take a look

Samsung comes out with iris verification to counter Apple fingerprint scanning technology!

There have been always a tug of war between these two technology giants. Having fought with outside courts for copyright issues and with billion dollar trade settlement, there have been always a competition between them to bring the best technology for the consumers. Recently, with the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple launched a fingerprint technology which was used past few years ago in Motorola based phones but it wasn’t continued

Be aware of Facebook. They can track anything!

World’s biggest Social Networking Site, Facebook is now being accused of tracking user’s data when they are using social media for various purposes. It is found that, whenever a user enters a text in the “Status” box, the Facebook Code is written in say a way that each character is stored in the form of HTML script. It also has a power to find out that the post was “submitted”

Nokia Asha 502 Dual Sim finally launched in India

If there is one category in which Nokia has a pretty good market share today, then it will be definitely budget devices. Nokia, after sold out to Microsoft has launched Nokia Asha 502 Dual-Sim in India. It is an upgraded version of Nokia Asha 501. This phone was launched way back in October 2013, but now finally it has come to the Indian Market. It is priced well at ₹6111 (at

Amazon Web Services experienced minor outage on Sunday

Amazon Web Services which is the world’s biggest and apparently most reliable cloud computing provider, once again experienced some availability problems in its US-EAST Data Center from 12:51 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, according to the AWS status page. As of 3:23 P.M., AWS was reporting that most affected Elastic Compute Cloud instances were back up and running and that it was continuing to work on a small number of

Why Earth Science

The earth sciences are central to all aspects of life – get a quick glimpse in this 6 min video. Justo convallis luctus rutrum, erat nulla fermentum diam, at nonummy quam ante ac quam. Maecenas urna purus, fermentum id, molestie in, commodo porttitor, felis. Nam blandit quam ut lacus. Quisque ornare risus quis ligula. Phasellus tristique purus a augue condimentum adipiscing. Aenean sagittis. Etiam leo pede, rhoncus venenatis, tristique in,

Apple announces new iPhone 4: the Steve Jobs keynote

Steve Jobs took the stage at Apple Incs Worldwide Developers Conference to announce new features and products from the company. The chief executive began by giving an update on the iPad. The tablet computing device sold 2 million units in the first two months since its debut and has 8,500 apps on Apples online store. So far, 35 million apps have been downloaded, he said, which breaks down to 17