Class X Indian student miracle a computer without hard disk

All the way from Guwahati, India an interesting news has came out that a class X student named Afreed Islam has invented a computer system without hard disk. While his friends preparing for the board exams, this Guwahati school boy has been busy working on building computer system that replaces hard disk with a microchip. He has already launched a prototype of his creation under name Revo Book and it

‘Candy Crush Saga’ maker going for their IPO

Most of the game lovers know about Candy Crush Saga and must have installed this game and played this addictive game. Candy Crush Saga was released on April 2012 first on Facebook and then later on mobile platforms Android and Apple by it’s developer King. This match making, addictive game has won millions of game lover hearts. This is nothing new about Candy Crush but the news has came out

WhatsApp got new competitor named Telegram

Technology has changed the way we communicate with our friends, family and love ones. One the most popular way of communicating is chat. We have been using WhatsApp to chat for long and it’s The best app available on market on any mobile platform for instant messaging. WhatsApp has survived from other rivals like WeChat, Line and Viber and still ruling the market holding the top place in instant messaging.

Take part to protect your privacy on the internet

We are living in the era where we own are rights of privacy on the internet and we expect no stealing our privacy. NSA is the organization trying to spy on the internet and there are many occasion where other organizations have protested against them. Giants like Google, Wikipedia and Reddit had in past taken action against this law less internet to protect our privacy. You must be familiar with the

Nokia to ignore Windows, will launch Android phone

Recently Nokia has been acquired by Microsoft and it’s now all set to launch an Android phone ignoring the Windows OS partnership with Microsoft. Nokia is preparing itself to launch this Android phone later this month. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal which says that Nokia will unveil its “Normandy” phone at Mobile World Congress later this month. Report also says that Nokia has been working on it’s

Flappy Bird’s story of being viral to RIP

Many of you must be familiar with this game named ‘ Flappy Bird ‘ which has buzzed the internet in last few days for gaining popularity and every one is looking for such game made for them in market. The game is dead now and we are here to brief you the story if it. Flappy bird was inspired by an old game ‘ Super Mario ‘ which we had

Google becomes 2nd most valuable US firm

Everyone’s favorite Google has surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp. as the second most valuable giant in the US market. Now the only flag that Google approaching for is the top one from Apple Inc. Apple Inc has been dominating the number one place for long time and it won’t be new if Google beat’s it up. Currently Google has many things that is letting it’s graph growing. First is it’s advertising

Few best iPhone photo editing applications

Apple’s iPhone is the one the best phone still available in market growing, evolving and getting good response. With the mobile application market booming, there are hundreds of app available in each category. This time we are here with few photo applications that you should use to make your photos cool. Check out some details regarding apps below. Juxtaposer : Juxtaposer would be the choice of every person who likes

Sony to sell VAIO computer business and restructures TV business

Sony VAIO a brand known for their costlier personal computers have decided to sell off their business to Japanese investment fund Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). There’s not an official amount available regarding the final deal. Some of the reasons behind Sony’s move for selling of their PC business is that Sony having problem in generating profits from their PC division as the market is getting narrower day by day and the

Everything about Samsung’s Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung is booming the Android smartphone market, you will find Samsung phones in most of your price range. Now there are not much choices while selecting good Android phone in mid range budget. Samsung had tried to solve it by providing an options in terms of ‘ Galaxy Grand ‘ last year. Samsung Galaxy Grand was a good one but it was not able to survive in the market. Now