Google’s GMail completes 10 years after going public

We live in the advanced technology era where almost everything happens so fast. Thing which were not even possible to think about few years back is available online today. More faster ways of communication is available, out of which instant messaging is at boom, still EMail ( Electronic Mail )  has got it’s own place on the internet and without which many of us can’t even think a day going

Yahoo secretly works on YouTube competitor

YouTube a web app rather then just a web site is booming the video streaming industries for ages, not for ages but the for the reasonable duration which is similar to an era. YouTube is the third most visited site in the world just falling behind the and according to the Alexa ranking. Big news is that that are resources which just has found that Yahoo is working

The Glaucus – A quadrupedal soft robot with no hard moving parts

The Glaucus, named after the Blue Sea Slug (Glaucus Atlanticus), is an open source soft robotic quadruped from Super-Releaser { }. It is a proof of concept for a method developed at Super-Releaser that can reproduce nearly any geometry modeled on the computer as a seamless silicone skin. The company hopes to apply these same techniques to practical problems in medicine and engineering as the technology develops. The quadruped

Smell your text message with ‘oPhone’

We have used Android, iPhone and Windows phones. We know that the next big thing is the wearable technology and first step has already with smart watches which will soon flood the market and the hearts of consumers. But for now to amaze you oPhone which will be available in market some where around in july, let’s you smell your text messages. That’s the strength of technology and oPhone will

Google’s next big thing ‘ Android Wear ‘

Google with it’s world dominating nature has come to surprise us again. This time it’s related to Android and about future. Google’s ‘ Always be in news ‘ nature is working for them. This time we are here to tell you about Google’s next big thing Android Wear. Google is still in the process of getting work done on their Google Glass eye wear and they have released Android Wear

Microsoft to offer free OneNote for Mac and Windows

Microsoft has announced major changes in it’s note taking software OneNote and this will make you happy. Previously OneNote was available for Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and web platforms. Now Microsoft has made it available for Mac users also and it would be exciting for Mac users to get their hands on OneNote. Other news for windows users from OneNote is that they are going for freemium version for them.

Bill Gates : Microsoft would have bought WhatsApp

When the news came out that Facebook just bough the instant messaging giant WhatsApp, it was a surprise as there where many competitors for that. Google was in the queue, there were some marks which tells that Google has approached the WhatsApp founders. One name who was not in this list was Microsoft but in a recent interview with Bill Gates, Mr. Gates just confirmed that Microsoft would have bought

Google Drive slashes price with $1.99 a month for 100GB

In today’s digital era it’s so important to keep our data safe, we need more space for our data like photos, music, movies and are digital docs. Most important aspect of the data space we need is the size and security. Google Drive is been two years old now and offering secure reliable service for the digital space storage. There are few competitors in market like the DropBox which has

Nokia is back with it’s first Android Nokia X

It’s been few week since MWC 2014 and in the event Nokia had announced their first Android series on 24th of February,2014. Now we are here to brief you about Nokia’s Android devices named Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. At last we will talk about, Nokia’s recently launched Android device named Nokia X in market. At MWC 2014 Nokia while announcing it’s Android series devices had given a

Facebook to say WhatsApp soon

Today was another breaking news day when Facebook officially announced that they are going to acquire the instant messaging giant and our favourite WhatsApp. This is interesting and you will about know why is it so? Facebook has cracked the deal at price of 19 billion dollars.  The WhatsApp messaging service will be owned by Facebook just like the company bought Instagram last year. Facebook has also given an official statement that