Nokia and NTT Docomo to develop proof of concept for 5G Technology

Connectivity for internet today is the necessary thing for any one having the smart phone. Internet has evoled from 2G to 3G and nowadays in many country 4G connectivity is also available. Still there are problems in using 4G networks in smart phones due to the battery and the heating problem, then also recently Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia and japan’s NTT DOCOMO are to work jointly on research in fifth

SanDisk launches world’s highest capacity 128GB microSD card

Smartphones has evolved through the time then also certain issues are still there which needs some attention. One of those issue is the memory and to tackle that issue recently SanDisk the leading memory card manufacturer has launched it’s memory card with the capacity of not 32GB or the 64GB, they have launched the memory card with the capacity of 128GB. This 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card is the world’s

Google to fire Silver bullet in Android device market

There have been rumors from last few weeks that Google is going to end their Nexus series of phones. Now there were rumors but its been confirmed that Google is going to end it. It’s a very sad news for nexus lovers but thing to see now onward is the silver picture that Google will show us. Google has been reportedly working on new Android device series name Silver and

Heartbeed : A bug that got an eye of internet

Internet full of surprises. Few days ago a new bug has come into market named as ‘ Heartbleed ‘ has got an enormous eye on it. So for those who doesn’t not any about it we are going to tell you what it is about? What is affected by this? and Any impact from it till date? So first things first what is Heartbleed bug? Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability

A person got assulted to wear Google Glass

A story about a person got assaulted wearing Google Glass has come out. This story was originally got published in Business Insider is a must read thus we are sharing with you people. ” On Friday night, I was assaulted while walking down the sidewalk in the Mission District of San Francisco.A colleague and I had just finished covering a march in protest of a Google employee who had recently evicted

Amazon offers employees $5000 to quit

Have you ever imagined that you are in your office and suddenly you think, i have to quit the job. You will think twice before taking such decision as you will have lots of fear and one of them will be the fear of financial security. But recently the online retailer company Amazon’s CEO has announced that Amazon is offering its warehouse employees up to $5,000 to quit their jobs, even

Google’s Project Ara gives preview of modular smartphone effort

Few months back on kickstarter there was a project named ‘ Phonebloks ‘ which had caught an eye of internet investors and now Google has also supported this project and named it as ‘ The Project Ara ‘. Basically the idea of the Phonebloks is to divide our phone to various modules. Our phone contains various modules like speaker, camera etc. Now what Phonebloks tells that we can divide them

Microsoft to cut support for Windows XP users from tomorrow

Time has come and the technology advancement has gone to the heights which are so high that it can’t be seen by our bare hands. Now in this changing environment Microsoft has decided to stop support for it’s operating system Window’s XP from tomorrow. From tomorrow, that is 8th April, 2014 Microsoft is officially closing support. Windows XP has rocked the market for last 12 years without any major security