10 words The Simpsons invented

The Simpsons is one of the most lovable animated television series of all time and it had more to give to the culture apart from laughter. It has been able to introduce a list of vocabulary words to the American culture such as the ones below. 1. Craptacular Crappy and spectacular were two different words until Bart Simpson introduced craptacular to Sprongfield. It gave the world the opportunity to enjoy

10 Silly things everybody does when having a crush

Having a crush on someone is one of the cutest experiences in life and the things we do at a time like that are silly yet memorable. Take a look at some of these things and check how many of them are true.   1. Constantly check your phone Milliseconds turn into hours when waiting for a reply from your crush and you hear buzzing noises if the phone hasn’t

Epic – Conversation between Nadella and relatives

Nadella: I’m the CEO of Microsoft Relatives: you didn’t get into Infy? Nadella: don’t you know Microsoft? We make windows! Relatives: you studied so much to end up being a carpenter? Nadella: not real windows! We make and sell the windows software. Relatives: people buy windows software? We thought it’s open source and available on all torrent websites. Nadella: that’s piracy! Relatives: no, it’s ‘windows’. What kind of a CEO