Shoe styles from around the world

Moccasins from North America North America houses various cultures and moccasins are a popular type of shoes in this continent. The beaded shoes represent tribal identity and pride through its intricate beadworks. However, moccasins with no beadworks are more popular among the younger generation.   Sabot from France You may be aware of the popular clogs and did you know that their origins are rooted in France? Traditionally called sabot,

Natural remedies for razor burns

If you are in need of effective remedies for razor burns, nothing is better than the natural healers. Listed below are safe, effective and reliable natural remedies for razor burns you have to try.   1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is obviously the best and the most popular natural remedy for burns and this can treat your razor burn too. Aloe Vera is an amazing remedy that can reduce swelling,

Soothing a sunburn – effective remedies

Sunburns can be painful and nothing feels comfortable than soothing a sunburn. There is no need to go through sun protection processes every time you go out but it’s not very wise to go out in the sun without a sunscreen. Listed below are effective remedies that can be used when soothing sunburn.   1. Cool water First things first and nothing can beat the power of cool water when

Amazing methods to add whey protein to your breakfast

Whey protein is a popular fitness product that can do miracles to your body. Whey protein can recover and help produce lean muscle mass, it is best consumed after workout, preferably with your breakfast. It can also regulate blood sugar in your body and control the fat absorbed to your inner body. It is a lactose-free, fat-free, sugar-free and nutrient-rich fitness product and since they are available in various flavors

Foods that prevent hair loss

The list of foods that prevent hair loss is endless and all of them are easy to find too. Listed below are some of the foods that prevent hair loss that will give you full and gorgeous hair.   1. Spinach Spinach is obviously an amazing health food and it has been able to top up the foods that prevent hair loss with its nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will

Rustic chic decor ideas

Weathered look with a touch of elegance has found its way to be one of the most popular home decor ideas of the modern world. You must have heard about rustic chic decor, or you may already be an owner of a glam house decorated in rustic chic decor style. Nevertheless take a look at the following simple rustic chic decor ideas and decide which ones are going to stay

Cool and easy ideas to customize denims – 2

Hope you all enjoyed the easy ideas to customize denims and here are some more to add to your list.   1. Lace bordered skirt Just like you used lace to cover up the cutoffs, you can use lace to brighten up a plain denim short skirt. Try to find a wide lace and decorate the hemline. You can use extra decorative like sequins, beads and buttons to boost the

Cool and easy ideas to customize denims – 1

Listed below are amazingly easy methods to transform plain denim clothes into creative outfits. It would be handy of you know your way in a sewing machine or if not, try out the other simple easy ideas to customize denims.   1. Paint it over Painting is one of the best methods to customize denims and the best thing about this is that you need not be Da Vinci to

Amazing leg workouts to own beautiful legs

No matter how busy you might be, legs should deserve a higher place in daily exercise routines because that will definitely pay off when you need to slip on to an adorable mini dress or a pair of shorts. Listed below are amazing leg workouts that guarantee to give you a pair of elegant legs.   1. Box jumps Somebody might consider box jumps as one of the most painful

6 Awesome summer sandals

Sandals are the ultimate shoes of the season of summer and listed below are some amazing types of summer sandals that will guide you up the ladder of style. From chunky boho to T straps, there are various kinds of summer sandals available in the market that you can use to accompany your attire in different occasions.   1. Woven sandals Woven sandals shout comfy in all senses and they