Low budget vacation tips

Are you tired of your boring life, but do not have the potential to plan on a heavy vacation? Here are some low budget vacation tips that you can put to work and recharge your life. 1. Working holidays You can join a holiday summer camp that will turn out to be a vacation. It will automatically allow you to travel and you don’t have to take off holidays for

Handy ways to use q-tips

Q-tips or cotton buds are not something you give your full attention to, but they come pretty handy when you need to clean out your ears. Apart from that, there are various ways they help to ease our hectic lives, such as the ones listed below. 1. Loosen a zip If you’re tugging on a stuck zip, you are more likely to break it than fix it. This is where

Simple ways to prevent nail infections

Getting manicures and pedicures can be cool but nail infections can ruin the fun in a matter of seconds. It is very important to keep your nails clean in order to stay clear of the nail fungus that feed from bacteria and cause trouble. Listed below are easy tips you can use to prevent nail infections and you will need them for your next manicure.   1. Maintain dry nails

How to do the ballerina bun

Ballerina bun or the messy bun is a great hairstyle that can keep the annoying strands of hair out of your face. It is also a hairstyle in trend that can accompany any look from casual, office wear and even to party wear. Explained below are the steps to do a messy bun that raise your spirits. All you need is a band that will hold the ponytail and some

Cool facts about eyebrows

Listed below are some cool facts about eyebrows you would want to stuff into your cool facts collection. 250 hairs per brow According to the studies conducted by scientists, the average number of hairs on a persons brow is around 250. However this can vary even up to 1100 hairs. Mini wipers Did you ever notice the shape of your eyebrows or at least the reason behind its arched shape?

Beauty mistakes you make during bedtime

No matter how long and tiring the day might have been, it is very important to maintain your beauty, even during bedtime. Here are some of common bedtime beauty mistakes you are making. Make sure to avoid these mistakes and enhance your natural beauty.   1. Skip washing Washing is very important and going to bed with makeup is not such a good idea. It is a risky thing to

Tips to spend the lunch break effectively

A lunch break is a good time to relax your body and mind but it will be useless if you don’t know how to do it right. Relaxing doesn’t always mean lying down, there are various productive things you can do to relax yourself, such as the ones listed below.   1. Go out for a stroll Lunch break is a great opportunity to treat yourself. So why don’t you

DIY orange lip scrub

A lip scrub can do miracles to lips and make them healthy and perfect. No matter what the commercials say, commercial lip scrubs cannot be 100% trusted. It is why making your own lip scrubs can be safe as well as economical. Given below is a recipe for an easy-to-make orange lip scrub that can enhance the health of your lips. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons coconut oil 5

Exotic lemonade recipes – 2

1. Sparkling strawberry lemonade Ingredients: 1 pound hulled strawberries ½ cup sugar ¾ cup fresh lemon juice 4 cups water (sparkling)   Directions: Heat the sugar with ½ the water over medium heat until dissolved. Cool for 2 or 3 minutes. Beat the strawberries in a food processor until tender, then strain through cheesecloth. Whisk the strawberries, sugar mixture and lemon juice together in a pitcher and chill. Serve over

Exotic lemonade recipes – 1

Listed below are some exotic lemonade recipes that you can easily use with the things inside your refrigerator.   1. Hot pink lemonade For a fun and thirsty evening, what will be more refreshing than a hot pink lemonade? With a unique color and taste, this lemonade is going to be in your favorite list. Ingredients: 1 cup water 7 cups cooled water 2 cups ice 2 cups sugar 2