Cool uses of Coca-Cola

  You may have already come across with the extra-ordinary uses of Coca-Cola and everybody is curious to know more. Here are some shocking uses of Coca-Cola that might come in handy one day. 1. Window cleaner If you are in a hurry to clean out the windows and you are likely to run out of Windex, don’t worry. Just take out the Coca-Cola sitting in the fridge and it

Style with ribbons – hairstyle tips

  Ribbons have been a major style tool back in the golden days and the trend is back. Fancy hairstyles with ribbons involved is a great way to style your hair and listed below are some cool tips that will help you with that. 1. Top knot The simplest way to add a bit of glam to your everyday top knot is to wrap a thin ribbon around your knot.

Global skincare tips

  Skincare has been a major topic among the women from the ancient times and each country has their own beauty secrets. It’s time to sneak into these skincare secrets from all around the world. Go through the following tips which were contributed by women across the globe who want radiant and beautiful skin. 1. Cold water treatment – Germany The famous Kneipp treatment is nothing more than letting cold

Tips to wear red lipstick

  Wearing red lipstick is the best method to show off your attitude and wearing it right is ultra-important. Keep on reading to know some useful tips that will assist you when wearing red lipstick.   1. Wear the right tone There are numerous shades of red and all of them might not suit you. Try out different shades and get to know your shades and keep in mind to

Unforgettable characters played by Robin Williams

  Robin Williams is a graceful celebrity who was loved by millions of people from all around the world, young and old, rich and poor. This jolly good fellow’s death made them cry but the times he had made us smile are countless. Here is a list of unforgettable characters played by this enormous star.   1. Mrs. Doubtfire Many people find Mrs. Doubtfire as the funniest and the most

Teas to help you lose weight

  There are numerous foods and drinks that promote weight loss and teas get more attention because the list of teas that can burn fat is endless. Listed below are effective teas that will help you to cut down the weight you’ve been longing to get rid of and once you go through them, you might want to reconsider the last sip you leave in your cup of tea.  

How to find if your boyfriend is sad

  Feelings are the foundation that builds up a relationship and it is very important to know about your partner’s feelings in order to have a strong relationship. Although men tend to say that women cannot be understood, every girl and woman knows that this applies to all the men. It is very difficult to understand how a man is feeling, especially when he is not happy. Listed below are

Bathroom organizing tips

  Maintaining a picture perfect bathroom is almost impossible but you can make it work with a little help from bathroom organizing tips. Listed below are useful bathroom tips that will help you to have a nice bathroom. 1. Use hooks The best way to prevent towels and bathrobes from piling up on the floor is to install hooks that can hold such material. You can use hooks to organize

Cool facts about skin

  Skin is one of the most important body parts in the human body, both fashion-wise as well as health-wise. So if there’s nothing better to do now, why not read some cool facts about your skin? 1. It’s surprisingly heavy Did you know that your skin contribute to 15% of your total weight? Since skin can be stretched, it doesn’t gain or lose weight when someone is gaining or

Places to get a sunburn

  Getting a sunburn is savvy because sun is potentially more destructive than the good old days. But there are good places in the world where you can get yourself a good tan without risking your health. Listed below are some of the destinations in the world where you can get a good sunburn. Hawaii Sand can reflect more than 25% of the sun’s rays and this is why beaches