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Rollerman – Overtaking cars and motorcycle

Watch this Rollerman – Overtaking cars and motorcycle with his own home made “rollerman” uniform. FAQ: – If you want to know if and how Jean Yves can slow down: Please take a look at 1:16, there you can see that he is sliding his wheels. The knee- & elbow wheels are more or less his “steering wheels” and brake at the same time. That’s why these wheels are most

Hourglass Traffic Light – A futuristic Design

Designer Thanva Tivawong came up with an easy and intuitive traffic light design that looks like a hour glass. LED lights display the time left for the lights to change. We stumbled upon this article and thought to share with you.                                           This futuristic design is surely going to tickle

Fake Video of Indian Ocean search for Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Indian Ocean MH370 circulated

This video was recently posted in many popular Indian websites stating that this is a video of Indian Ocean search for Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Indian Ocean. However this video was taken by Ivan Zakryzhevskiy on Jan 19, 2013 in an operation during Hurricanes. Check the date on the youtube video image below, and figure out on your own that how can the video be posted before the Malaysian Airlines

The Glaucus – A quadrupedal soft robot with no hard moving parts

The Glaucus, named after the Blue Sea Slug (Glaucus Atlanticus), is an open source soft robotic quadruped from Super-Releaser { }. It is a proof of concept for a method developed at Super-Releaser that can reproduce nearly any geometry modeled on the computer as a seamless silicone skin. The company hopes to apply these same techniques to practical problems in medicine and engineering as the technology develops. The quadruped

Flower ka Power – Why should Women Vote?

We stumbled upon this video that brilliantly encourages women to exercise their ‘power of 49′ in an election year, Lowe Lintas and Tata Tea have collaborated with a few well known artists to create a song called ‘Flower ka Power’. Power of 49, a Jaago Re initiative for women, was launched in August 2013 with an objective to awaken women who form 49% of Indian Vote Bank.