There are numerous foods and drinks that promote weight loss and teas get more attention because the list of teas that can burn fat is endless. Listed below are effective teas that will help you to cut down the weight you’ve been longing to get rid of and once you go through them, you might want to reconsider the last sip you leave in your cup of tea.


1. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is considered to be the most popular type of weightloss tea because of the compound named polyphenol that can be found in oolong tea.


2. White tea

Drinking white tea in the evenings can prevent fat storage. Evening is preferred because that’s the time of the day your body will start to decide whether to keep the fat or burn it. Additionally, active ingredients such as theanine can reduce stress so you will face a calmer evening.


3. Hibiscus tea

To burn down complex carb compounds, nothing can beat phaseolamin found in hibiscus tea and in addition to burning fat, hibiscus can reduce stress and blood pressure.


4. Green tea

An article about teas is incomplete without green tea, which continues to rule the world of tea through its endless list of benefits. EGCC in green tea is the compound that can break down fat and help you lose weight, so you might want to consider pouring yourself a cup of green tea on daily basis.


5. Peppermint tea

If you really want to combat your appetite and cravings for deli food, the best treatment for you is to sip a cup of peppermint tea because peppermint tea is good not only for burning fat, but also to overeating and relieve indigestion.


6. Rose tea

To treat yourself after a long day, nothing beats the sweet power of rose tea. It’s uses are endless, which include clearing out toxins, treating the skin and preventing constipation.