Ribbons have been a major style tool back in the golden days and the trend is back. Fancy hairstyles with ribbons involved is a great way to style your hair and listed below are some cool tips that will help you with that.

1. Top knot

The simplest way to add a bit of glam to your everyday top knot is to wrap a thin ribbon around your knot. You can put a bow at the top and you’re ready to face the world.


2. Half up

Half up hairstyle looks good on most of the women with long hair and you can easily add up a touch of elegance with a piece of ribbon. Separate your hair above the ears and tie it with a clip or a band. Then tie a thin ribbon with a bow and you are good to go.

half up

3. Braid

Braids can keep the hair away from the face and neck and nothing can beat the comfort it brings. To style a braid with ribbons, you can easily intertwine a thin ribbon with the hair. Start off by tying a ribbon to a band and then using it to secure a ponytail. Then braid the ponytail down along with the ribbon.


4. Wrap the bun

For a more sophisticated look, you can try out the twisted bun. Whether it be a special function or a quick run to the grocery, hair bun is always appropriate because it is simply elegant and comfy all at the same time. Twist a ribbon along with your hair to finish off the twisted hair bun.