Feelings are the foundation that builds up a relationship and it is very important to know about your partner’s feelings in order to have a strong relationship. Although men tend to say that women cannot be understood, every girl and woman knows that this applies to all the men. It is very difficult to understand how a man is feeling, especially when he is not happy. Listed below are some tips that will tell you if your man happy or not.

1. Find if it is you

The first and foremost thing you need to find out is whether the cause is you or not. You can easily talk to him and if there’s nothing to do with you, you may stop reading the following tips.

2. Agrees to everything you say

This is a common feature of men who are depressed over something. They tend to lose interest in winning over arguments and they try to get over a discussion as soon as possible.

3. Stops trying to solve problems

Men, typically, try to solve anything that crosses the path of a successful relationship. If you have noticed that your boyfriend stops trying to solve problems in your relationship, you might want to check out on him.

4. You’re losing time with him

If you find it difficult to catch him up for a date or a cuddle, it would be better to be alarmed. If he excuses himself to go out with his friends or family instead of spending time with you, try to go through what he may have troubles with.


Photo credit – huffingtonpost.com