Listed below are some cool facts about eyebrows you would want to stuff into your cool facts collection.

250 hairs per brow

According to the studies conducted by scientists, the average number of hairs on a persons brow is around 250. However this can vary even up to 1100 hairs.

Mini wipers

Did you ever notice the shape of your eyebrows or at least the reason behind its arched shape? The main objective of your eyebrows is to keep the moisture away. The shape helps to direct dust, dirt and rain drops to the sides of your face, keeping your peepers clear.

Facial recognition

Another interesting fact about eyebrows is that they play a major role when somebody else is recognizing your face. According to studies, it is difficult to recognize faces without eyebrows.

Lifespan of an eyebrow

The lifespan of eyebrows is actually the average time taken for a hair to fall and allow a new one to grow. Some believe it to be about 4 months while studies have failed to determine an actual duration.

Voice-controlled brows

Just like many other organs in out body, eyebrows too are in autopilot. However scientists have found out that the shape of the brows can vary with the voice or more precisely, the tone of the voice. When arguing in raised voices, eyebrows will be raised while when you are concentrating on something, your brows tend to go down.

One of the oldest beauty concerns

Not surprisingly, women have been plucking and shaping their eyebrows ever since they started using beauty tools to enhance their beauty. These times go as far as to Egyptian eras.


Photo credit – Yulia Libkina

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