Skin is one of the most important body parts in the human body, both fashion-wise as well as health-wise. So if there’s nothing better to do now, why not read some cool facts about your skin?

1. It’s surprisingly heavy

Did you know that your skin contribute to 15% of your total weight? Since skin can be stretched, it doesn’t gain or lose weight when someone is gaining or losing overall weight.

2. Three layers of skin

There are three layers of skin that protect you from any damage to your muscles and indoor body parts. It cannot stop any injury from happening, but it can reduce the consequences, so its job is pretty much important.

3. It is not the same throughout your body

If you had believed that the skin is even throughout your body, it’s time to change tracks. The thickness and strength of your skin varies according to the place it is located. For instance, the skin covering the elbows and keens are much thicker and stronger than those in your eyelids and stomach which are prone to injuries.

4. You’re always shredding

Time to go through some numbers. According to scientists, an average person shreds about 30,000 dead skin cells in a second. These cells can slip off naturally or get away when you’re scratching an itch. You’re never going to run out of skin cells because those are being regenerated each and every second.

5. It has bacteria

The term bacteria may back you off a bit but did you know that your skin houses more than 1000 types of bacteria? No need to worry because most of them are helpful in increasing the rate of skin cell generation.


Photo credit – Daniel Zedda