No matter how long and tiring the day might have been, it is very important to maintain your beauty, even during bedtime. Here are some of common bedtime beauty mistakes you are making. Make sure to avoid these mistakes and enhance your natural beauty.


1. Skip washing

Washing is very important and going to bed with makeup is not such a good idea. It is a risky thing to do because that might eventually lead to clogged pores and acne.


2. Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping is a habit most of the people can’t get away from but did you know that stomach sleeping can affect your appearance? That’s what scientists have found out and you can easily reduce puffy eyes and the risk of getting wrinkles at a younger age by sleeping on your back as much as possible.


3. Tight hairstyles

The next no-no is tight hairstyles. No matter what your usual bedtime hairstyle is, make sure that your hair is loose so you will not damage the hair roots while sleeping and cause trouble with your hair.


4. Unclean pillow case

Pillow case can affect your appearance and using a dirty one will lead you to a lot of troubles. Germs, bacteria, dust and mites can grow in pillow cases if you do not wash it frequently and they are the cause behind many skin infections.


5. Skipping the moisturizer

Moisturizer should be applied right after washing and skipping this for a long time will give you dry skin that will need more serious treatments.


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