Hope you all enjoyed the easy ideas to customize denims and here are some more to add to your list.


1. Lace bordered skirt

Just like you used lace to cover up the cutoffs, you can use lace to brighten up a plain denim short skirt. Try to find a wide lace and decorate the hemline. You can use extra decorative like sequins, beads and buttons to boost the look.

easy ideas to customize denims

2. Stylish border cut

This is another great way to decorate the border of denim shorts that can bring out the femininity within.

easy ideas to customize denims

3. Long denim skirt

If you have a pile of old denims in the basement, this is a great method to get rid of it and make a beautiful skirt out of them. Sew in long pieces of denims together to create a stylish skirt as shown and you will love denim skirts.

easy ideas to customize denims

4. Eye on the pocket

You can easily make use of your own creative instinct when decorating denims and decorating only the pocket of a pair of shorts or jeans is a great idea. You can use left over strips of ribbons, sequins or anything that is in the house to decorate the pockets gorgeously.

easy ideas to customize denims

5. Bleach job

Bleach is not usually used in decorating purposes but did you know that you can actually make use of it to customize denims? Squash it into a ball, and let bleach do its job.

easy ideas to customize denims

6. Boho skirt

You can use extra pieces of clothes and stitch them together to make a beautiful boho skirt. Mind to match up the patterns and colors that can give a striking effect.

easy ideas to customize denims

Photo credit – Robert Sheie

Source – flickr.com