Listed below are amazingly easy methods to transform plain denim clothes into creative outfits. It would be handy of you know your way in a sewing machine or if not, try out the other simple easy ideas to customize denims.


1. Paint it over

Painting is one of the best methods to customize denims and the best thing about this is that you need not be Da Vinci to get a cool painted denim on you. You can easily find lots of easy painting tips from the internet that you can try on your denims. You can use any color palette, pattern and try to make use of stencils too.

easy ideas to customize denims


2. Denim vest

Make use of left over ribbons by using them to decorate your denim vest. You can use any type of ribbons, or similar materials to transform a plain vest into an eye-catching work of art.

easy ideas to customize denims

3. Minnie mouse skirt

Another great way to create a cute little denim skirt is to use polka dotted ribbons and pieces of clothes to decorate mini skirts. There’s no need to stick to red color; try out multiple colors to enhance the effect.

easy ideas to customize denims

4. One legged shorts

There are numerous ways to customize denim shorts and focusing on one leg is the most common. You don’t have to worry about getting both the legs in the same pattern because these cutoffs are more striking than plain ones.

easy ideas to customize denims

5. Lace bordered shorts

Another common method that can give out a gorgeous pair of shorts is the lace bordered shorts. Use a wide lace border to hide the cutoff marks and you will end up with a brand new stylish pair of shorts.

easy ideas to customize denims
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