Listed below are 13 beautiful, quick and simple hair accessory tips that you can try out easily without spending heaps of money on expensive designers and elegant items. To work or to play, you can use the tips to go for a good hair day that can also take you up the ladder of style.


1. Bobby pins

You may wonder how bobby pins can add beauty to your hair but they are the simplest and easiest way to accessorize your hair. Try using multi colored or pins with matching colors in different shapes and say goodbye to the boring everyday hair.

simple hair accessory tips


2. Headscarf

Headscarves is the most common hair accessory that can add various kinds of outlooks to your entire look. You can use plain colored ones, printed ones or even ones that comes with small accessories in them to achieve different styled looks.

simple hair accessory tips


3. Headbands

Headbands come next in line after headscarves and the best thing about headbands is that you have numerous styles and patterns to choose from. Let it be one colored, multi colored, floral, striped, soft material or any other, you can look your best if you know how to match everything in.

simple hair accessory tips


4. Flowers

Some of you might consider this as out of trend but once you try it, you will be amazed. Clip on a flower or two on your hair on a special occasion and you will be spreading fragrance throughout the day.

simple hair accessory tips


5. Cascading flowers

Cascading flowers on hair is a rare, yet elegant way to accessorize your hair. The smaller the flowers, the better and if you are planning to use larger ones, try to limit the number of flowers.

simple hair accessory tips


6. Ribbon under hair

Ribbons under hair is a tip more similar to headbands but ribbons have their own unique color set and shine that can add an elegant touch to your hair.

simple hair accessory tips



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