Summer is the season of fun and relaxation and there’s no other better way to embrace summer other than dying your hair awesome summer pastel hair colors. If you are one of those adventurous girls out there, who’s waiting for an opportunity to try out a new hair color, check out the following summer pastel hair colors.


1. Pink

Pastel pink is one of the most popular hair colors in the season as it is the best way to show off your delicacy and femininity along with your adventurous attitude. Apart from that, pink hair would accompany any outfit color so you will not need to worry over sticking to a single color for outfits.


2. Teal

Teal hair color is second in line as the most popular summer pastel hair colors. It would add an energetic touch as well as a little bit of delicacy to your looks.


3. Lilac

Have you ever noticed the lilac hairs of Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne and don’t they look FAB! So why not add a touch of celebrity color to your hair this season?


4. Green and blue

Summer is all about the ‘pop’ of colors and why not try two colors at the same time? Blue and green are two amazing colors that look supercool on hair.


5. Pink and blue

Pink and blue look striking as separate hair colors and when combined, the colors look unimaginably gorgeous.


6. Purple and green

Try out the ombre trend with these two amazing colors on your hair.


7. Rainbow ombre

Rainbow colored hair colors screams out ‘fun’ and ‘energy’ and looks great in the summertime. Just make sure to try out with hair chalk before actually dying your hair.