1. Strong nails

Toothpaste is basically used for teeth but did you know that it can be used to treat nails in the same way? Make it a habit to use a tiny bit of toothpaste when rubbing your nails clean and you will notice their strength and shine after some time of usage.


 2. Stain remover

Just like toothpaste removes stains from your teeth, it can also remove stains from carpets and curtains. For carpets use a firm bristle brush and for clothing, finger is the ideal brush. Use a little bit of toothpaste (not a whitening one!), scrub it well and rinse off with clean water.


3. Shiny jewelries

Toothpaste is an effective cleaner for jewelries too, except for pearls. Make sure to use a soft rag to wipe it off and it is better not to make it frequent.


Photo credit - Christopher Avila Source - flickr.com

Photo credit – Christopher Avila
Source – flickr.com

4. Goggles

If you are a swimmer, you may have noticed the annoying misting of goggles that blocks your view. Toothpaste is the best remedy for this problem. Try rubbing a small dab of toothpaste over the lens and rinse off.


5. Treat burns

This is the most popular use of toothpaste apart from its use on teeth. If you happen to get a burn in your skin, rub toothpaste on it immediately which will soothe and dry the burn without letting it form blisters.


6. Insect stings

Toothpaste is a great and safe remedy for painful and irritating insect or bug stings or bites which is more popular over mosquito stings.


Photo credit – Mauren Veras
Source – flickr.com