If you love travelling or is fond of trying out new things, this article is for you. Listed below are crazy, yet exotic restaurants from all corners of the world. Keep on reading and take a look at where the global exotic restaurants trend is headed to.


Witches in Britches – Melbourne, Australia

To Melbourne, Halloween doesn’t only come once a year. At the famous Witches in Britches, you will find Halloween 365 days of the year as you can enjoy spooky meals there in addition to the witches, vampires and monsters serving them. To boost up the horror, the restaurant accompanies a horror show as well.

witchs in britchs

Cardboard Café – London, United Kingdom

Architects at B3 Designers came up with a new and unique idea for a restaurant and as the name implies, The Cardboard Café is solely made up for cardboard boxes. However, the structure was temporary although it grabbed major attention in 2008 Design festival of London.

cardboard cafe

The way station – Brooklyn, New York

For those who love “Doctor Who”, The Way Station in Brooklyn serves an amazing experience. It compromises an amazing show in addition to the eccentric staff who will get your nerd on.

waystation newyrk

Red Sea Star – Eliat, Israel

The Red Sea Star in Israel is located six meters under the sea and is the world’s only underwater observatory. The interior is grandly designed with large windows to make its guests enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience.

red sea star israel

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The second horror themed restaurant of the day is from Minnesota. It serves unique drinks and is a great place to indulge all your Walking Dead fantasies.

donnie derks-minnesota

Giger Bar – Chur, Switzerland

H.R. Giger is a world renowned Swiss artist who has designed this amazing bar in Switzerland. Influenced by the famous sci-fi film, “Alien” , Giger Bar represents incredibly terrifying creatures who will twist your stomach in no time.

Gigr bar swtzrland