Here are some supercool travel destinations for science geeks but you don’t have to be one to enjoy these places’ beauty.


1. Louvre Museum, France

The Louvre Museum has been able to hit the records as the most popular travel destination of science geeks, especially after the publication of the controversial Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. No matter what lays under the beautiful allures, the place is a must-see travel destination.

Photo credit - Problemkind Source -

Photo credit – Problemkind
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2. Hayden Planetarium, New York

No science geek has ever ignored the wondrous attraction of New York, which witnesses history and secrets of the universe. The journey through the planetarium guarantees all the fun any science lover dreams of.

Photo credit - NASA'S James Webb Space Telescope Source -

Photo credit – NASA’S James Webb Space Telescope
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3. The Exploratorium, California

This learning centre is comprised of numerous exhibits such as clapping tree, shadow boxes, tornados and all sorts of science based projects, which has proved to be a tourist attraction apart from a science-geek attraction.

Photo credit - Christopher Carfi Source -

Photo credit – Christopher Carfi
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4. The Deutsches museum, Germany

If you are strong enough to withstand the power of aircrafts, musical instruments, boats, engines, computers and all sorts of whatnots all under one roof, potentially of course, the best place to visit is the Deutsches Museum in Germany.


5. Neil Armstrong Museum, Ohio

Situated in the homeland of the first man on moon, this museum is ideal for independent science nerds as you have to self guide yourself throughout the location and find all the information by yourself.


6. The city of Arts and Sciences, Spain

Valencia is the home to the City of Arts and Sciences which is consists of five main sections that possess all secrets of Arts as well as Science.

Photo credit - O Palsson Source -

Photo credit – O Palsson
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7. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

The island of Okinawa holds the paradise of all oceanographers which is also home to numerous sea creatures and marine exhibits.




Photo credit – NASA’S James Webb Space Telescope
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