The Simpsons is one of the most lovable animated television series of all time and it had more to give to the culture apart from laughter. It has been able to introduce a list of vocabulary words to the American culture such as the ones below.

1. Craptacular

Crappy and spectacular were two different words until Bart Simpson introduced craptacular to Sprongfield. It gave the world the opportunity to enjoy more words that end up with “-tacular” such as bedtacular and funtacular.


2. Tomacco

If you are a Simpsons lover, you may have watched the tomacco Simpsons episode which introduces the hybrid of tomato and tobacco to the world as tomacco where Bart and Holmer engineer a line of tomatos in front of a tobacco store.


3. Frogurt

Frogurt is the best word to describe frozen yogurt and who would be clever enough to come up with it other than The Simpsons?

4. Doh

If you have been looking for a cool way to express anger or grief, try out The Simpsons’ “Doh”. It is the favorite catchphrase of Holmer Simpson and has been in use ever since the show started.


5. Diddly

Similar to “um” in our world, the term “diddly” was mainly used as a filler word that would give more time to think filling out empty silences. Try imagining yourself as an official using “diddly” at his speech.

6. Embiggen

Embiggen is another popular word that came alive thanks to The Simpsons which means to increase in size.


7. Poindextrose

According to The Simpsons, glasses do not produce intelligence in nerds and what’s really behind it is “poindextrose”. It sounds scientific enough to be a real chemical.


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