Having a crush on someone is one of the cutest experiences in life and the things we do at a time like that are silly yet memorable. Take a look at some of these things and check how many of them are true.


1. Constantly check your phone

Milliseconds turn into hours when waiting for a reply from your crush and you hear buzzing noises if the phone hasn’t buzzed.


2. When it takes them ages to reply…

You become cross with everything you see and find every sentence starting from why.

3. Finally, when a reply is received…

You have nothing else to do rather than reading the messages over and over again.

4. Stalk them on social media

Basically it is to find common friends you have. You try to understand what sort of people hang around with your crush and try to find ways to stand out.

5. Get teased by your friends

Friends support you while teasing you until they get tired of your never ending lectures about your crush.


6. You know the daily schedule

You feel like a spy who follows a psycho criminal. But instead of hiding, you tend to bump into your crush.

7. Become addicted to love calculators

They seem to be the only scientifically proven method to calculate the love you have for each other.


8. Daydreaming becomes a habit

Day dreams with happy endings become a part of your day and you tend to imagine yourself as romantic movie characters.


9. Your parents suddenly get keen on you

It’s never proven scientifically but they sure do know when something fishy is going on.


10. Confessing love is never easy

You try to speak out the words “I love you” but every time you fail for various reasons.


Photo credit – Karrie Nodalo
Source – flickr.com