The wedding day is the most significant day of any woman and I know that you do not want to walk down the aisle looking unconfident about your figure. On the other hand wedding day photos are like forever and it is very important to look your best on the big day. If you are a bride-to-be and are searching furiously for wedding weight loss tips, you have come to the right place. Listed below are simple yet effective wedding weight loss tips especially for you.


1. Fruits and vegetables are your friends

Eating healthy plays a major role when preparing for a big day ahead. They can burn up the fats that have been collecting in your body and they serve very well for the skin. “Take care of your skin-Eat more fruits” will guide you through more of its benefits.

Photo credit - Megan

Photo credit – Megan

2. Fish and meat are your friends too

If you think of reducing your size by skipping on fish and meat, you are so wrong. They are packed with essential nutrients that will make you strong with no dark spots on skin. The key is to select the best preparation method. Try not to fry them and consume as low oil as possible.

Photo credit - Ivana Socolovic

Photo credit – Ivana Socolovic

3. More water please

Water is the best treatment for your metabolism and digestive system because it can do miracles to your body shape. In addition to that, drinking more water will increase the water level in your body which will reduce unnecessary dry skin and wrinkles.

Photo credit - Ume-y

Photo credit – Ume-y

4. No more sweets

If you remember what happened to Liv in Bridewars you might know well to stay clear of sweets prior to your wedding day. If you a craving for sweets try natural sugar such as fruits.

Photo credit - Pink Sherbet Photography

Photo credit – Pink Sherbet Photography

5. Regular exercise is a must

Again Bridewars present Emma’s exercise routine which makes her an amazing bride on her – hopeful – big day. And this is absolutely about regular exercises and not sudden excitements which might lead you to unwanted results. If you are totally new to this subject, start on simple exercises and make you way through them as days pass by.

Photo credts-jesslef

Photo credts-jesslef