If you are an athlete, you might know the importance of fuss-free hairstyles and it can turn out to be the most difficult search to find such hairstyles for athletes. Listed below are some of the useful hairstyles for athletes which have been proved to be simple yet firm so that the hair doesn’t get in the way for your victory.


French braid

Braids are comfy to wear and can be considered as good hairstyles for athletes but if you want to add some classic style to your sportiness, you can go for French braids. French braids can help your hair stay in place all through the day with no little strands escaping to ruin your looks.

Hairband braid

Another comfortable hairstyle is the braided hairband. Leave a small amount of hair and tie a ponytail using a band. Then braid the left over part and wrap it around the band so that it will look as if you have tied your hair with your own braid.

Braided bun

This is the messy bun version of the hairband braid. All you have to do is to create a bun instead of putting it on a pony tail and wrap a braid around it. You can use bobby pins or bands to secure it.

Half pony tail

This is the perfect hairstyles for those who are in a rush but still want to look good. Just part you hair and tie a pony tail from the top section. It is a good way to wear your hair down and keep it our of your face at the same time.

Photo credit – Helgi Halldorsson