Eyeliner is a major part of makeup which can enhance the beauty of the eyes with a single pencil line. However, they can be pretty stubborn too. Especially when you want them off after a party or at the end of the day. Saying good bye to eyeliner without having to go through the fuss of smudges and dark under eyes is difficult unless you use proper methods. For those who have been looking for safe and effective ways to remove eyeliner try going through the following simple steps.


1. Wet one end of a cotton swab with water. The water doesn’t have to be warm but it shouldn’t be cold either. Make sure not to drench the swab, slight dampness is sufficient.


2. Get a small amount of natural oil, baby oil or any other natural product that contains petroleum jelly on the swab. You can also use natural lotions or Vaseline on a dry cotton bud.


3. Rub the eyeliner with the swab very gently. Make sure not to touch our inner eyes with the cotton swab. Petrolatum jelly cannot sting your eyes but it is safe to keep them out of your eyes.


4. When the swab is not clean anymore, rub off everything with a piece of cloth. You may continue rubbing with another cotton bud if there are more eyeliner stains remaining and finally wash the face with a gentle cleanser.


5. For some people, this process may leave their eyes dry which can be treated with moisturizing.


Photo credit – Courtney Rhodes
Source – flickr.com