I could have many excuses for  my extra pounds & inches but I knew that I still can get back my shape.

Before my first pregnancy  that is 4 yrs.back I was about 56 kg . while planning pregnancy I thought off shedding about 5 kgs considering that at peak of pregnancy (after gaining 10-11 kg) 66 kg for my 4 feet 11 inches height  will really look bad. So I tried some exercise in the form of 15 minutes stairs climbing. I was preparing for  a competition, staying in a 6 floor building hostel. I was not having much options for dietery modifications and I could not afford more time for any more exercise. In 15 minutes I use to have 5 rounds from ground floor to top floor. In the breakfast instead of a bread I started having sprouted moong prepared in my room. I stopped taking rice and sugar in any form. I skipped dinner,instead I use to take 1 glass of protein shake in  water which was fortified with iron.

Within a month I reached my goal. My weight was 49.5 kg, still I could study for 14-16 hours comfortably and my hemoglobin level was 14 gm%. My waistline was 28 inches.
The next month I conceived at the time of my first delivery I was 61 kg and my baby weight was 3.65 kg which was actually a very healthy weight for a mother of 4 feet and 11 inches. It was a C section so I could not do any abdominal exercise for next 3 months, but I kept a watch on my diet. I was having a nutritious diet including dry fruits,linseed,milk,curd,fresh fruits and vegetables but avoiding excess sugar ,fat and carbohydrates. I gave 6 months exclusive breast-feeding to my son.

I was also in process of setting up my new laser and cosmetic clinic for which I have to move a lot. Pursuing banks for loan,looking after shops,interior- designs,architects,carpenters was exhausting as well as  sometimes frustrating.

As soon as 3 months of my surgery were over I started some sort of physical exercises at home  in form of yogasans and pranayam as I couldnot move out  from home for open park or gym as my child was totally dependent on me. I didn’t even purchased a feedin bottlefor 6 months. Once I tried expressed breast milk for my absence but he refused to have it through bottle or spoon. my wt came down to 56 kg but abdominal flab still not gone completely. For my relief 6 months passed ,weaning started,and  I could manage some outdoor routine.my clinic was also taking shape.

The real challenge came into my life when I got pregnant again and my son was still only 6and half months. My husband allowed me to decide whether I want to continue my pregnancy or not. I decided to give my son his best friend in form of my 2nd child. My life became really tough. I use to surprise my bank manager often going there all alone by public conveyance  carrying my son in hands and other child inside my womb.

I consulted paediatrician whether my feeding to first child will affect health and growth of intrauterine child?she said if my diet is perfect there is no harm. Sometimes I use to have muscle cramps,but growh of my 2nd child was fine in serial ultrasounds so I kept  on feeding my son.in those days I was having voracious appetite and I use to eat anything and everything like sweets,nonveg,fruits  besides regular meals. My 2nd child was a daughter weighing 3.6 kg at the time of birth,healthy with lots of long jet black hairs covering her forehead,as my hubby commented she is born with WIG.
It was also a Cesarean section so again I had to wait for 3 more months to start any exercise for abdominal flab. My wt. was 58 kgs, my waistline 40 inches(which use to be 28 inches) hip area was 46inches. I was really stressed  regarding my body shape, clinic in finishing stages,two infants to feed and take care. The day my daughter was born  my son cried for 2 hours at  night and finally I had to feed him and let him sleep beside me while arms were entrapped in drips and new born was sleeping on other side. After all he too needed mother as he barely completed one year.

For next two years despite my intense desire to get back into shape, I couldn’t do much as I was really busy with my infants  and  clinic. I had to travel long distances for my laser and advanced dermatological  training. I used to take my children along with me. I tried to do 100% justice with my daughter giving 6 months exclusive breast feeding.There was enough secretion to fulfill my son’s  desire also . But I was not able to do any calorie cut to get back into shape. The moment I was doing any dieting I used to have hypoglycemic attacks.

My mom and mother in law suggested me so many times to stop feeding explaining that it will weaken my bones.It was not possible for me to stop it for son even , as whenever he used to see his sister, he would  ask for it.

Finally when my son completed 3 and half and my daughter about 2 and half years I decided to give some priority to myself.I stopped breast feeding but to my dismay my weight went up to 61 kg from 56 kg within 2 months. Probably  my body was in a habit of demanding more to compensate for milk secretion for two kids.

61 kg wt, 40 inches waistline, 44 inches hip line was really alarming. I arranged for some morning manpower support to be at home in my absence,and my journey of getting back into shape started.
Moms of nuclear family will understand how difficult it is to get even 1 hour in a day for yourself.
I started with 15 minutes jogging in open park and then 30-45 minutes gym exercises which included 20 minutes cardio and 30 minutes strength training.

I modified my diet –
No poori/paratha
Less no of chapati’s
Rice twice weekly
Sprouts in breakfast
More fresh fruits and vegetables.
At the end of 1 month  I lost about 2 inches from waist and hip, but to my dismay my wt . was still 60.7 kg. and so I changed my strategy.
Increased duration of jogging- 20 min to 45 min.on weekends even 1hr.
More inclination on treadmill,more wt/resistance on other machines.
Huge calorie cut for 15 days-
Morning – tea with milk and little sugar.
Breakfast (after exercise)- 1 glass veg.juice+ bell pepper and cabbage salad
Alternate day sprouts./ bottlegourd boiled with salt and spices-1 plate
Lunch-cucumber+carrot+ raddish+tomato+onion salad
1 big plate any green cooked vegetable
Evening- 1 cup lemon/green tea without milk or sugar
Dinner -1 big bowl clear veg. soup
Watermelon/guava/ dates

After following this strategy at the end of one month  my wt .is  57kg, waistline 28inches,hip line 34inches and now I can slip into my old jeans and tops.
These 2- 3 months  were really challenging for me demanding real work life and family balance. Proper strategy, will power and time management made me achieve my goal. After getting back into proper shape I get compliment that I don’t look like a mother of two kids quite often.My clinic is now well established.
Once in a while I do take dinner outside and enjoy parties but my routine diet and exercise regimen keeps me fit and active always.

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