Heels are amazing when trying to live up the life you dream of but this has its own consequences. Every girl who loves heels knows this very well but what they don’t know are the tips to wear heels without pain. Listed below are incredible tips on wearing heels that would nurture your passion for heels.

1. Pick the right size

The size of the shoe plays a big role in making you comfortable and only the right size will do so. Therefore it is very important to know your correct shoe size when purchasing heels or any other kind of shoe because the wrong size will get you in trouble in no time.

Photo credit - Hans Source - pixabay.com

Photo credit – Hans
Source – pixabay.com

2. Buy and try them yourself

Another major don’t that is popular is buying from online stores. Try to analyze how practical that is, especially for shoes. Shoes and heels especially need to be tried out well before spending the money and this is not what’s happening when buying online or gifting someone a pair of shoes. Always make sure to go to the store, try them out and then buy the pair you want.

3. Thicker heels

Many of you might know the benefits of wearing thick heels. I know stilettos are a major fab in the trend but have you noticed that only models can catwalk in them? That’s because thin heels will make your legs wobble around and might even make you fall. So if you are planning on wearing heels on an everyday basis, try to go for thick heeled shoes.

Photo credit - ariesa66 Source - pixabay.com

Photo credit – ariesa66
Source – pixabay.com

4. Take breaks and stretch them out

Whenever you can, kick your shoes off and stretch out your toes and ankles. You will feel heavenly and it is essential for long term heel wearers.

5. Try shoe inserts

No matter how cheap they might look, over-the-counter shoe inserts are amazing when wearing heels. They are typically made of silicone gel and are designed to serve as foot pads which can save you from blisters and slipping off.

Photo credit - unsplash Source - pixabay.com

Photo credit – unsplash
Source – pixabay.com


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Source – pixabay.com