All of us want to look great and retain our youthful glowing skin. But time takes its toll, as well as our lifestyle and wrong dietary habits also cause premature aging which shows in our skin. So what does #medical cosmetology or #aesthetic medicine has to offer for aging skin.

#Anti-aging treatments basket is full of options for all of us depending upon age, skin condition, social life and budget.
Before deciding for any particular treatment, assessment of skin by Aesthetic Physician /cosmetic dermatologist is important. Depending upon latest skin condition we decide from the vast range of treatments.

We can categorize anti-aging treatments into four categories-

1. REFRESH – For minimal skin aging changes like tanning,dullness and start of fine lines or wrinkles.

In this category come various treatments-

In chemical peeling we actually use organic acids(Alpha Hydroxy acids/beta hydroxyl acids eg. GLYCOLIC ACID, LACTIC ACID,TCA, BLUE PEEL,SALICYLIC ACID,MALIC ACID etc.)
These acids in various strengths(10%- 70%) are applied on skin for variable duration (1 minute- 20 minutes) depending on acid and problem to be treated.
Chemical peels are very –very effective in controlling pimples,pigmentation, Melasma, and general rejuvenation of dull and aging skin. It also improves hydration of skin and gives a natural glow.
MICRODERMABRAISION also known as skin polishing is a safe and effective treatment to refresh upper layers of aging skin. Here we use Aluminium Oxide crystals with controlled vacuum pressure with the help of works on skin as a sand paper works on a wooden surface. It removes dead layer of skin and gives textural improvement. Fine scars(like pimple pits,scratch,chicken pox etc) can be corrected upto certain extent.
2. REJUVENATE – These treatments are meant for replenishing nutrients in skin- various nutraceuticals through serums and creams like VIT A, VIT C ,VIT E ,HYALURONIC ACID , CERAMIDES, PEPTIDES and ANTIOXIDANTS are given with DERMAROLLER Collagen Induction Therapy and mesotherapy. Such nutraceuticals are given for daily home use also.

3. RESURFACE –  Resurfacing implies to textural improvement of skin. Open pores, rhytides, past injury,pimple,chickenpox,abscess etc make skin uneven which decreases the natural glow of skin. to correct these scars and smoothen uneven skin surface we use
Lasers are light rays of different wavelengths targeting different type of molecules of skin tissues. Resurfacing Lasers mainly target water molecules which are present in all the cells of body, thus they stimulate collagen formation by controlled thermal injury.These treatments are very effective but have downtime or recovery time of 2 days to 1 week.

4. REDRAPE – With Aging our bone mass decreases, muscles gets smaller, and fibrous support of skin gets weaker , which leads to loose skin and due to gravity and unwanted fat facial contours are disturbed .Jowls and double chin become prominent. under eye bags, hollowness and folds around mouth corners and nose change the ”#BEAUTY TRIANGLE of youthfulness.

To address these aging issues we have #FACE-LIFT treatments.
LIQUID FACE-LIFT – comprises of Botulinum Toxin injections for dynamic wrinkles like – eye-corner (#crow’s feet, )#frown lines(middle area between eyebrows ), forehead lines, lines on nasal bridge on crunching(#bunny lines), around mouth corners(#marionette lines),constitutional heavy and rounded cheeks(#masseter correction).

FILLERS (Hyaluronic acid, Polyacrylamide gel etc.) are tools of instant volumisation of various #static lines/wrinkles and restoration of #facial contours.

RF SKIN TIGHTENING (RADIO FREQUENCY) – these are sound waves which stimulates collagen production in the dermis layer of skin, which subsequently tightens the skin. 2-6 sessions are usually required depending upon severity of laxity of skin and power of machine being used. It is a very relaxing and feels like hot stone massage .

LASER TONING – Q Switched Nd – YAG laser at Low energy is used to tighten skin ,and give instant sheen n glow.

VAMPIRE FACE-LIFT – a fancy name given to face-lift treatment done with person’s own blood (active component- plasma rich platelets and growth factors) injected through Mesotherapy.