Contact lenses are popular in the modern world and there are various contact lens safety tips that should be considered by everybody who uses them.

1. Keep your hands clean

Cleanliness is a very significant aspect that every contact lens wearer should consider. Most importantly, your hands should be clean all the time. Your hands should be washed before you remove, insert or do anything that involves contact lenses.

2. Never use the same contact solution

Don’t choose time and money over your safety, so make sure to change your contact solution every day. Your eyes might get infected and your vision will be less clear as well.


3. Never sleep in your lenses

Never be lazy to remove your contact lenses before you sleep, unless you are wearing special lenses that are made to be slept in. On the other hand, taking them out at night will lengthen their quality and lifespan.

4. Insert and makeup

Always apply your makeup after putting on your contact lenses. It will reduce the risk of flecks of makeup getting in your lenses.

5. No more long fingernails

Having long fingernails can be fashionable but you will have to put your safety before your beauty. Long fingernails can be annoying as well as dangerous when inserting and removing contact lenses so it is always better to keep them short.



6. Change the case once a month

Even though it is not popularly considered, the case of the lenses plays a major role in the quality of them. Eye doctors recommend new cases once in every 2-4 weeks and it might be safe to have a fresh one in hand when needed.

7. Clean your lenses regularly

You might not see the debris getting collected in your contact lenses but they can be risky. So make sure to clean your lenses of buildup using contact solution.

Photo credit – Adria Ariste Santacreu

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