1. Makeup removal

One of the most commonly practiced coconut oil beauty uses is for the removing of makeup especially eyeliner and mascara. Since its natural, you don’t need to worry about toxicity. For better results, try applying oil to a cotton pad and cleansing your face with it.


2. Body lotion

Serving as an effective and safe body lotion comes next in line after makeup removal and this is very useful for those who love DIY projects. Mix coconut oil with other essential oils that you think your body might need and you will never spend money on commercial body lotions again.

3. Natural lip balm

No matter what season it is, coconut oil can help you maintain lustful lips thanks to its natural moisturizing and healing property. It can heal chapped lips in hours, which is why it is ok to carry a little jar of coconut oil in your purse every day.


4. Frizz fighter and conditioner

Hair oils are typically expensive but did you know that the base of every oil is coconut? Coconut oil has amazing moisturizing properties which is very useful for hair. It can be used as a leave in conditioner as well as a frizz fighting hair oil.

5. Stretch mark remover

Stretch marks can be hard to combat but coconut oil has amazing power to fight over stretch marks. So if you are expecting or suffering from stretch marks, make sure to keep a jar of coconut oil in a drawer.


6. Breath freshener

As discussed in my earlier post –Amazing teeth whitening tips – coconut oil can remove germs in your mouth and make your teeth whiter. All you have to do is to gargle a spoonful of coconut oil every day.

7. Itch relief

The best natural remedy for annoying itches is coconut oil and anybody who have used coconut oil as an itch reliever adores coconut oil, just because it can do miracles to save you from itches.


Photo credits – Phu Thinh Co