The handbag can play a major role in your look, a perfect one will flatter your figure and outfit while the opposite can result in – well the opposite. Therefore picking the perfect bag is an important aspect to consider which can be overcome by the following tips.


1. Size

The size of the bag you choose to wear has to be determined according to the place and event you are going to take part in. Make sure to choose a bag that can accompany all the stuff you will need.


2. Length of the strap

The strap length is important for comfort as well as for a flattering look. If the bag sits on your waist level, it is more likely that your body shape will look shapelier. So it is safe to go for short straps.


3. Shape and type of bag

There are numerous types of bags available in the modern world and some of them were discussed in the must have bags of every girl. Apart from the type, the shape of the bag can be used to enhance your looks. If you are on the short region, bags with strong angles can be good looking and if you are tall and slim, round and slouchy bags will accompany you well.


4. Style and trend

Style and trend have to be considered when choosing a bag but no matter how trendy or stylish the bag may be, sometimes it cannot prove to be the perfect bag.


5. Usage

Every time you pick out a bag, try to ask this question from yourself. What do I need this handbag for? If it is to be used every day or for books or laptop, you might want to go for a strong material.

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