In the earlier post, we discussed how chapped or dry lips can be prevented and now it’s time to take a look at the treatments for such conditions. There can be various reasons for chapped lips and they can be very uncomfortable. The following home remedies can be used to treat cracked lips and they are natural, efficient and reliable methods.


1. Drink more fluids

Try to drink 8 or 10 glasses of water in a day and you will feel how the lips react to it. The continuous flow of water particles will heal the wound from within.


2. Don’t pick at the lips

This is the second most common habit that worsens the state of cracked lips. Try to avoid the temptation to pick at or feel your lips which might lead to a cold sore or a n infection.

Photo credit - Emilian Robert Vicol

Photo credit – Emilian Robert Vicol


3. Don’t lick the lips

Licking is the most common habit that can arise due to dry or cracked lips but did you know that this can make your lips drier? Saliva is a drying agent and is not an appropriate alternative for water. Try to wet the lips with water instead.


4. Try exfoliating

If you want to shake of the dry skin on your cracked lips, do not rub them too harshly. Try exfoliating instead. You easily use salt or sugar scrub which will expose fresh skin and start to heal.

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5. Apply ointment

When choosing ointments for cracked lips, make sure to avoid commercial products and try to talk with your doctor for suitable treatments. Sometimes, balms and ointments can dry out the lips even more forcing you to use it more frequently.


6. Try natural remedies

For more effective results you can use natural elements like cucumber slices, aloe gel or honey on your lips. In addition try to increase the vitamins in your meals which will heal the skin from within.

Photo credit - ER and Jenny

Photo credit – ER and Jenny

Photo credit – PublicDomainPictures