If you’re thinking of getting pretty all the time, you should not miss the sleep time. Although many ladies do not believe in beauty sleeps, it can be made use of using certain tips like the ones listed below. A sleep can relax your inner self which is radiated from the skin and in addition to that, sleep can repair the skin as well. Check out the following tips and the next time you lie down in your bed, try to use beauty sleep effectively.



The most efficient way to spend your sleep time is to moisturize your skin. No matter how old you are you can use a moisturizer when sleeping. You can either go for a general moisturizing night cream or an anti aging night cream, but make sure to check whether it contains hyaluronic acid that has the ability to draw water into the skin and smooth the wrinkles.


Sleep on your back

Try to get used to sleep on your back because it is good for your posture as well as for your skin. Sleeping on your back can reduce the stress on the skin on the side you lie down when you sleep on one side.


Use clean material

Pillow cases play a major role in the cleanliness of the face, which is why it is very important to wash your pillow cases frequently. If possible, get satin or silk pillow cases because they can reduce the creases in the skin and cause less friction.


Drink water

It has been found out that drinking a glass of water before you sleep can cause the skin to be moisturized, especially in the cold seasons when the skin tends to dry more quickly. Also take care to avoid alcohol based and salty food before bed time.


Wear your hair up

Try to sleep with your hair up in a loose and high ponytail. It prevents the oils from getting down to the face.
Photo credit – Krystn
Source – flickr.com