Selfies are quite popular among the modern generation as the result is more satisfactory as well as a lot of fun. The only aspect to take a good selfie is that you have to pose for the picture while steering the camera. This complicated process can be made a bit easier with remarkable results by simply following particular tips such as the ones listed below.


1. Check yourself out

Finding flyaways or smeared eyeliner in the photo you just took can be annoying. Therefore checking yourself out before posing is a useful tip to follow. You can save the time taken to delete and take another photo and you will have a lot of good photos to choose from.

Photo credit - Daniela Vladimirova

Photo credit – Daniela Vladimirova

2. Lights on

Lighting is an important factor that contributes to the quality of a photograph. So make sure that you are well seen in the photo. Make sure to avoid dark and closed up locations and if you are going for an outdoor photo, face the sun and hold the camera in an angle such that its shadow does not fall right on to your face.

Photo credit - Light Painting

Photo credit – Light Painting

3. Check out the background

The background of you is as important as lighting because the flaws in the background are normally embarrassing. Sometimes people don’t see the dogs minding their bathroom business, babies crying out loud or even the mirror reflection of their own camera in the photo until they upload and people start laughing about them. So make sure that nobody or nothing is going to grab the attention away from you once the photo is taken.

Photo credit - Kyrre Gjerstad

Photo credit – Kyrre Gjerstad

4. Angle it up

It is always better to avoid the straight face unless it is taken for something official. Everybody has a good side to their face and once you get to know it, you can show it off. There are a lot of angles you can try out, and you might even discover the best angle while trying.

Photo credit - Sarah Van Quickelberge

Photo credit – Sarah Van Quickelberge

5. Editing is fun

Using a vintage touch or cropping some part out to form a collage is always fun, especially when you want to create a unique and special photo.

Photo credit - Sodanie Chea

Photo credit – Sodanie Chea



Photo credit – mitra Mirshahidi