BigxoomTV Pick
Watch this Rollerman – Overtaking cars and motorcycle with his own home made “rollerman” uniform.

– If you want to know if and how Jean Yves can slow down: Please take a look at 1:16, there you can see that he is sliding his wheels. The knee- & elbow wheels are more or less his “steering wheels” and brake at the same time. That’s why these wheels are most stressed (especially the knee wheels) when going downhill.

– The song on this video (“Linki Park”) was made by commercial & film music composer Michael Beckmann. Because it was never intended to be published in the charts you will probably not find it anywhere in the internet… and sorry, I cannot hand it out. Just enjoy it on this video! đŸ˜‰

– If you want and feel better you can call the motorcycle a scooter. But even a scooter is still a motorcycle. Just like a convertible will always be a car. If you feel cheated by my words please feel free to buy one of the suits, try the same thing yourself and post it on YouTube.

– for all those who did not understand yet: I (Danny Strasser) am the producer of this video and I uploaded this video on YouTube. That´s why MY watermark is displayed in the corner. I am NOT the rollerman!! That´s Jean Yves Blondeau!!