Cracked lips can be very painful and if your lips tend to crack more often, you might want to discover the causes of it. Listed below are common reasons that could be used to prevent cracked lips.


1. Check out your environment

If you are living is a dry climate or a windy area, lips and skin can be damaged due to dryness. Always keep your body well hydrated and take necessary actions to withstand sun damage. In addition try to go for natural remedies such as aloe, jojoba oil and coconut oil as much as possible and reduce frequent use of commercial beauty products.


2. Sleep with your mouth closed

If you are one of those who cannot sleep with your mouth closed, you might be frequently suffering from dry lips. That is because you let air circulate through your mouth for several hours which is not good for the lips. Try altering sleeping positions and if not, try to use an ointment before sleep.


3. Quit smoking and chewing

If you are a regular smoker or are addicted to chewing gum, dry lips might not be uncommon to you. That is because of the chemicals present in them which cause the skin to deteriorate.


4. Check out your vitamin intake

Make sure that your daily meals contain vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, B2 and E. Lack of vitamins for long periods can cause dryness of skin, wrinkles, arthritis as well as cracked lips.


5. Keep an eye out for your allergies

People can be allergic to various things and it is always safe to know what you are allergic to. Sometimes people discover unexpected food that are allergy to their lips. Side effects from your regular medication can be observed as well.


Photo credit – Christine Roth