Scams a word that is found frequently now a days, more and more scams are happening in digital era and it’s the effect of which there is a big question mark on security. Now recently Play store’s number one paid app, which is ‘ Virus Shield ‘ got killed by Google from it’s Play Store as it’s the fake anti virus and a scam. Credit for this goes to the ‘ Android Police ‘ team who says that  the app includes almost no functionality whatever, yet it was briefly a chart-topper on Google Play, something that at $US3.99 for the download.

From AppBrain we have come to know that app sailed past 10,000 downloads, putting its take at close to $US40,000 for nothing at all. The does only one thing changes the icon when user tabs it, such a sily scam and still many people downloaded it. Further explaining Android Police says that ” this is such a brazen and expensive fake that we felt the need to give it some special attention. It’s somewhat disheartening that an app so obviously fake could rise to the top, especially considering that it’s paid, and possibly hundreds or thousands of people have been defrauded already. ”

Android Police has also put the decompiled code into GitHub for the proof and this is why Google has taken off the app and taken appropriate action. Virus Shield claims that it does not have ads and consumes less battery but what’s the point of that. Such a shame on Play store as how a developer can surpass though the system with such a fake app and earns lots of money, leaving behind users in dark night for the money they paid.