A story about a person got assaulted wearing Google Glass has come out. This story was originally got published in Business Insider is a must read thus we are sharing with you people.

” On Friday night, I was assaulted while walking down the sidewalk in the Mission District of San Francisco.A colleague and I had just finished covering a march in protest of a Google employee who had recently evicted several tenants after buying and moving into a home in the area.After more than an hour spent working on the story in a coffee shop, I arranged my laptop, camera, and notes in my backpack. Mindlessly, I put on Google Glass instead of squeezing it in with the rest of my things.

The aforementioned colleague and I were on our way to the 16th Street BART station when a person put their hand on my face and yelled, “Glass!” In an instant the person was sprinting away, Google Glass in hand.

I ran after, through traffic, to the corner of the opposite block. The person pivoted, shifting their weight to put all of their momentum into an overhand swing. The Google Glass smashed into the ground, and they ran in another direction. Not knowing what to do, I scooped up the remains and continued to follow. We went back in the direction of the intersection where it started when the person ran into my colleague while I was blocked by traffic. After a brief moment, the person got away.

That’s when a police car pulled up. I gave the person’s description to two officers and they drove in the direction the person ran off. After several minutes, they came back and I filed a police report. ”

So if you are able to get the Glass on it’s first day, be aware. For more interesting stories keep visiting us and share with your friends, because ‘ Sharing means caring ‘.

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