Mother’s day is one of the best days to celebrate your mom who had been the backbone of the family, giving all the strength and nutrition to keep the family upright. Mother’s day is not about gifts or cards, a simple voice call is more than enough to cheer her up. However it is a good idea to show how much you care about her by gifting her a simple thought of love. Listed below are 10 mother’s day gift ideas which can be used to appreciate and encourage your mom.


1. Scarf

A scarf can be a great gift for your mother especially if she’s into the fashion world. She can wear it (See How to use scarves fashionably) or keep it with her as a precious memento of you. The best thing about gifting a scarf is that there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.


2. Brooch

A brooch is also another good idea for your mother but it can be safe to make sure that she will use it effectively. Make sure that it suits her tastes.


3. Go out with her

Spending time with your mom is more precious to her than anything else. Try to go out for lunch or brunch with her and you will be surprised to know how much you have to talk about.


4. Locket

A locket is a traditional gift of love which is exactly what you have to show to your mother. You can easily find lockets in accessory shops or you can even use an old one to make a personalized one.


5. Personalized mug

Most mothers love to enjoy coffee and for such moms, a personalized mug can be the best mother’s day gift.


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